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Viam Apostoli — A Pilgrim’s Vision for the Ones Searching Within

We are the number one pilgrim accessories store that makes your journey a worry-free experience and paves the way for a thoroughly soulful experience. Viam Apostoli has invested years of expertise in a patented line of products that showcases extraordinary quality, convenience, and the most refined safety. Our efforts to make every Pilgrim’s journey filled with soul-enlightening nuances led us to craft durable backpacks and accessories that are perfect companions in every track, in every weather.

Viam Apostoli is committed to the highest quality products with minimalistic design, so we design our backpacks and accessories thinking of the actual needs of pilgrims. A sober design with details only for you. We welcome you to our project, destined to create great products for people like you, searching within their spirits in challenging conditions. You’ll have all you need, so you never miss a beautiful sunset in your pilgrimage around the world.

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